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Hometravel insurance
Travel Insurance

Under Holiday regulations, Tour Operators must ensure that everyone travelling with them has adequate holiday insurance.

Our first priority, therefore, is to make sure that you are well covered at the best possible price. We have thoroughly researched the market and are satisfied that Cornhill provide the best cover we can find for you. Over the last few years they have looked after our clients superbly. Some have had to be flown home in life and death situations and many have received medical treatment abroad. In every case within the scope of the policy, payment has been swift and the anxiety, which can be caused on these occasions, lessened.

A summary of the policy is given below, although a policy will be issued after booking and should be read carefully for a full list of exceptions and restrictions to the cover provided. Additional cover can be catered for, as can cover for longer periods than those stated below. For regular travellers our Insurance Broker, Peter Nevill will be pleased to give a quote for Annual Cover. His phone number is 01795 539416.

A) Personal Accident
    1. Death £15,000
    2. Loss of eyes or limbs £15,000
    3. Permanent disablement £15,000

B) Medical Expenses

    £2,000,000 (excluding the first £35 of total expenses for each person). Self-inflicted injuries, the effects of drugs or alcohol are excluded. Travelling against Doctor's advice or to receive medical treatment abroad also excluded.
    Pregnancy covered if the expected confinement is 2 months after return date.

SPECIAL EXTENSION - 24hr English speaking Emergency Service and repatriation if necessary.
Hospital Benefit - £15 per day additional to medical costs to maximum £500.

C) Cancellation or Curtailment

    £3,000 (excluding the first £35 of each claim, or £10 for deposits only). Following death injury or illness of the insured, relatives or Business Associates, or actual travelling companions. Also following unemployment through redundancy, compulsory Jury Service, serious damage or theft from your private dwelling.
Excluding losses due to:
1. Terminal diagnosis before booking.
2. Anxiety, stress or depression, unless requiring in-patient treatment.
3. Registration on a hospital waiting list for in-patient treatment before booking.

D) Delay Cover

    Compensation payable after 12 hours up to 60 hours for outward and homeward journeys.
    Compensation payable for delay in public transport to outward departure point.

E) Baggage

    £1,500 and money at £500. Maximum any one article of baggage or valuables, i.e. jewellery, cameras etc £250. Total of all valuables £500 (excluding the first £35).

F) Personal Liability


G) Legal Advisory Service

There is no upper age limit on our policy, however those aged 65 years or over at the time of booking are required to pay a supplement as below.

This policy does not require details of any pre-existing illness but it does not cover you if you are travelling against your Doctors advice at the time of booking. It is always wise to check with your Doctor that he considers you fit to travel.

Insurance premiums, as detailed below, are not included in the holiday price and must be paid at the time of booking. A policy will be sent to you.

Premium Europe Worldwide
1. Up to 5 days £16.00 £34.00
2. Up to 10 days £21.00 £42.00
3. Up to 17 days £25.50 £52.50
4. Up to 23 days £30.00 £60.00
5. Up to 31 days £36.00 £80.00

Supplement. 65 years and over: please double above premiums. For details of Annual Cover and cover for hazardous pursuits please contact the office.

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