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North Korea, or the DPRK (Democratic Republic Of Korea) is a country that has been pretty well closed to international tourism since the 50s. The DPRK is now opening its doors to limited tourism and allowing visitors to see some of the stunning scenery and historical sites around the country. This is a country of contrasts, a modern city with amazing monuments and government buildings, stunning mountains with lakes and rivers brimming with fish, and white sandy beaches. There are temples and monuments going back well over a thousand years, together with a rich history.

One of the highlights of a visit to North Korea is the amazing Arirang Festival which is the largest show in earth. This is a combination of gymnasts, athletes and showmen combined to produce a spectacular show in the largest football stadium in Pyongyang the Capital. This year the Arirang runs from Mid August to Mid October and we will be putting together one week tours into DPRK from Beijing. During the Arirang the visa requirements are relaxed and a limited number of journalists are also allowed to visit too. The itinerary details here is not fixed in stone, but gives you an idea of what we would recommend. This tour starts and finishes in Beijing, so you will need to find your way there. We can assist you in applying for visas and will reserve your return flight from Beijing to Pyongyang (Only one and a half hours).






We have also been researching the fly-fishing opportunities in DPRK. Surprisingly many of the rivers and lakes are full of trout and various breads of salmon. As few people have fished in this country, let alone fly-fished these are a great challenge for a visiting fisherman.

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