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Sample Tours
Introduction to North Korea
Arirang runs from August 15th to October 15th 2006

North Korea is one of the least visited tourist destinations in the world. The Democratic People's Republic of North Korea is beginning to open it’s doors to general interest international tourism. There are visa restrictions on any form of Journalist and any US Citizens for the time being. All other visitors are welcome. This tour is a seven-day trip starting and finishing in Beijing with direct flights from Beijing to Pyongyang. The entire tour is all inclusive of all transportation, accommodation, guides, driver, all food and some local drinks with meals. This trip is designed for you to see the highlights of this fascinating country including ancient historical temples, stunning mountain and coastal scenery, The International Friendship Centre, the amazing West Sea Barrier, the DMZ (Demilitarised zone) between North and South Korea and the modern monuments and museums of Pyongyang.

Tuesday – Welcome to Pyongyang.
11.30h flight from Beijing –
14.00h arrival at Pyongyang by JS152 flight, met by KITC guides at the airport transfer into city,
Check-in Hotel Yanggakdo Hotel  on an island in the centre of the city, this 47 floor hotel has a revolving restaurant on the top overlooking all of Pyongyang, clean simple rooms with en-suite bathrooms, shops, restaurants and bars of the lobby, and massage and sauna facilities. Also on the island is a small golf course. We will have dinner in the hotel Restaurant.



Grand Mass Gymnastics & Art Performance ARIRANG in May Day Stadium




This performance is performed by a 100,000 artists and students in the May Day Stadium for 1 1/2 hours during August 15 - October 12 everyday. This is probably the largest display of synchronised gymnastics and visual display in the world. This is only performed every few years and will be one of the highlights of the trip. In the two pictures above left and right, the images on the opposite side of the stadium are made up by tens of thousands of people all holding up different coloured sheets of paper, like pixels in a TV screen. The timing is incredible, and even more so is that they also create moving animated graphics this way too.

Return to the Yanggakdo Hotel.

Wednesday – Introduction to Pyongyang City AM City tour of monuments - Kim II Sung Square, Mansudae Fountain Park, Mansudae Grand Monuments, Arch of Triumph, Juche Tower.

Lunch on Boat Pyongyang No.1 (a restaurant boat on the river overlooking the Juche Tower on the other side)

P. M Korean Central History Museum, Korean War Museum, US Spy Ship "Pueblo", Hotel.

Thursday - Pay visit Kumsusan Memorial Palace, Grand People's Study House, Metro, Korean Feature Film Studio, Mangyongdae Children's palace with stunning performance.






After the performance we will leave the city for Nampo on the West Coast then overnight at the Ryonggang Hot Spa Hotel. Here we can have a hot springs bath in our rooms. This natural hot mineral water is very good for the skin and general health. After this we will have dinner and possibly some music and dancing if you have the energy.






Friday – After breakfast we will drive south west to see the West Sea Barrage (above left), this is an amazing piece of civil engineering which regulates the level of water in the river where it meets the west sea, thus allowing the Daedong River to be navigable in to the centre of Pyongyang City. We will then continue into the mountains south towards Kaesong to Mount.Kuwol, the Woljong Temple, Annak’s Tomb No.3, then on to Kaesong, Panmunjom, The DMZ border point where you can see the North and South Korean Border guards standing right next to each other, then onto Pansanggi.

We will then have dinner and overnight in the Folk customs Hotel.






Saturday – After Breakfast we will visit the Koryo Museum, the Tomb of King Kongmin, on to the Sonjuk Bridge, then lunch in Tongil Restaurant.

PM we will take a leisurely drive and visit Concrete Wall, then back to Pyongyang in the evening.

We will visit the Chongryu Restaurant dinner Zongo l (self-boiling / fondue style).

Overnight at the Yanggakdo Hotel.

Sunday – we will then depart for the East coast port town of Wonsan, Ulrim Waterfall, lunch in Fish Farm (rainbow trout) near Wonsan, Chonsam Cooperative Farm, Sokwang Temple, Sijung Hotel next to a lake and not far from some good sandy beaches...






Monday - After breakfast depart for Byol-Kumgang, then we will continue on to Wanson port for some amazing fresh sushi and noodles in Sushi House.

Today is the 60th anniversary of the Party Foundation, so there will be big celebrations in Pyongyang.

After lunch we will return to Pyongyang, Tomb of King Tongmyong en-route, Later we will visit the Taedonggang Beer Factory and have dinner at the Factory Restaurant.

Overnight at the Yanggakdo Hotel.

Tuesday – we will have an early breakfast at the hotel then off to the airport for the return flight to Beijing. 10.00am flight departs - arriving at 09.00am Beijing time.

General Information and Conditions

1. Reservations
Due to the visa application period we would need to have your reservation at least three to four weeks before travel. The group size of tours will vary from 6 to 20 people depending on take up rates. Private groups can be arranged on request. The price per head will vary depending on the group size for tailor made trips.

2. Tourist Visas 

  • DPRK KC issue tourist Visa to all tourists after receiving reservation, an invitation letter is sent, which must be sent in with the visa application form.
  • Inform DPRK KC the visa details at least 21days prior to the arrival at DPRK.
  • Visa details should be as follows: Full name, Sex, date of birth. Nationality, citizenship, occupation. address and name of company with clarification on what is the main type of business (trade/education/health-care/insurance), home address, passport no, expiry.
  • 2 photos (30 mm x 40 mm) and passport copy and visa fee of €30 will be needed with the application.

Our Hosts are the DPRK is the KITC (Korea International Travel Company), which is the incoming tourism company in Pyongyang. Mr Ri who is in charge of tourism there has personally organised this trip and has insured that everything is beautifully arranged on the ground, with two excellent guides and a driver to host us during our trip.

The price of this trip: is from €1150 per person sharing a room (twin or double) The single supplement for a single occupancy bedroom throughout would be €210

This tour starts and finishes in Beijing. You have to get to and from Beijing. If you need help do ask us.

Including the following:

  • Return flights from Beijing to Pyongyang
  • All hotel Accommodation while in DPRK (7 nights)
  • All meals. (Some drinks, but most you pay for locally which are cheap)
  • Two guides through out the trip, plus local guides in some places visited.
  • All transportation with a professional driver and modern bus.
  • All entrances to national monuments, museums and other places visited during the trip.
  • 2nd Class ticket for the ARIRANG (1st class would be €50 extra, and Presidential would be €200 extra.

To Book this trip:

If you would like to come on this trip please can you let us know as soon as possible on info@incloud9.com or UK Tel. +448702424036 We will need your full name as it appears on your passport in order to hold the return flights from Beijing to Pyongyang. I will then need the following for your visa applications:

Visa info needed from you:

Full name as it appears in your passport, sex, date of birth, nationality, citizenship, occupation, full work address, name of company including a clarification on what is the main type of business (trade / education / health-care / insurance / financial sector / travel), home address, passport no, passport expiry date.

If you could e-mail us this information we can forward that to the DPRK visa office for approval.

In addition I will need two passport photos and £50 to cover the visa cost.

Contact details to Toby Brocklehurst:

If you have any questions about this trip do e-mail me direct on toby@incloud9.com

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