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Tobago is the island that inspired the story of Robinson Crusoe and it is easy to imagine castaways on this idyllic island. It is situated just twenty one miles north-east of Trinidad and is only twenty six miles long and seven miles wide. Gentle breezes fan the island keeping the temperature at an average of 31°C through the daytime and 21°C at night.

Secluded sandy bays surround the coastline offering great opportunities for sunbathing and swimming away from the crowds, whilst a lively atmosphere, and watersports facilities can be found in the resort areas such as Pigeon Point. The centre of the island has lush green rainforests, and colourful tropical vegetation. Preservation is very important to the islanders and the rainforest was the first in the world to be protected from development.

The island of Tobago is surrounded by coral reefs and scuba diving off Tobago is reputed to be amongst the best in the world. Many of the reefs are also visible to snorkellers. Ornithologists will be thrilled by the variety of birdlife on Tobago and its smaller neighbours, Little Tobago and St Giles. Fishermen can chase Marlin and Sailfish, golfers can choose between two eighteen hole courses and equestrians can hack into the forest and along the beach.

Visitors who really want to get away from it all can take a boat trip to one of the many bays which are inaccessible by land. Many visitors to Tobago enjoy the less active occupation known locally as 'liming',- this involves nothing more strenuous than relaxing with a cool drink and some friends! Accommodation on Tobago ranges from very simple to the most luxurious, and whatever accommodation is chosen visitors can be assured of a warm welcome from the islanders.

Getting there:
Monarch Airlines and BA both operate two flights each week to Tobago. Both airlines fly from London Gatwick.

Health requirements:
The are no compulsory vaccinations for Tobago. Please check with your GP for recommended vaccinations and other health advice.

Things to do on Tobago

One of the best golf results in the worldGolf There are two 18 hole golf courses on Tobago. One is the Mount Irvine Bay Hotel and Golf Club and the other is at the recently opened Tobago Plantations Golf and Country Club. Mount Irvine is a well established par 72 course of 6793 yds. It has played host to many tournaments and was voted the Caribbean Golf Resort of the Year in 1994. Tobago Plantations is also a par 72 course of 7009yards. The course is designed to suit all levels of ability, although novices may prefer the adjacent 9 hole Sugar Mill Course. Both courses have professionals offering tuition packages and a golf shop. The hotel adjacent to Tobago Plantation is the Tobago Hilton. Green Fees are reasonable with hotel residents attracting concessions at Mount Irvine. Both courses are in the south of the island and can easily be reached from the majority of hotels.

Diving in Tobago is amongst the best in the world, for both beginners and experienced divers. There are many dive shops on the island, some linked to hotels and some independent. They offer a full range of equipment rental and tuition for both P.A.D.I. and N.A.U.I. There are several dive options available, ranging from single dives to 10 dive packages and night dives. We would be delighted to tailor your trip to include as much or as little diving as you would like.

Deep Sea Fishing in Trinidad and Tobago is amongst the best in the regionDeep Sea Fishing in Trinidad and Tobago is amongst the best in the region. There are regular fishing championships on both islands. During a recent marlin championship in northern Tobago at Charlottville four blue marlin over 600lbs where caught. Other fish caught in big numbers off Tobago include Dorado (Mahi Mahi or Dolphin), Wahoo, King Fish, Yellowfin tuna, Sailfish, and many other tropical water fish. Special Places can organise teams to enter various deep sea championships during the course of the year. Please let us know if you would like to be included in any future teams?

Bird Watching
in Trinidad and Tobago is considered to be world class. Trinidad and Tobago were connected to South America until fairly recently, in evolutionary terms. As a result there is an enormous variety of birds on both islands. We can arrange itineraries for dedicated bird watchers covering one or both islands. Little Tobago, a short boat ride from the coast at Speyside is an uninhabited bird sanctuary, where visitors can trek though the forest and see many varieties from the 'domestic' hen to the beautiful red billed tropic birds. From the view point near the summit of the island Frigate birds can be seen dive bombing other species to steal their catch. The national bird of Tobago is the Rufous-vented Chachalaca, usually called the Cocrico. These large brown 'pheasant' type birds can be seen, and definitely heard, all over the island as can the tiny sugar birds which are happy to raid table on verandahs and balconies for crumbs.

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