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Providencia is an island in the Caribbean about 700 kilometers north of Colombia, and 200 kilometres east of Costa Rica. This is the island that where used by the famous English pirates, Captain Morgan, Hawkins and Drake as a base for their attacks on the Spanish fleets. Although that island now belongs to Colombia most of the population still speak English. The population is only around 4000 there are many old English names, such as Archibald and Fortune.
Providencia is completely different from San Andres. There are no large, or even medium sized hotels on the island. The hotel standards are very simple, most do not have air-conditioning, as there is normally a refreshing sea breeze, they do not generally have hot water, as most people are happy with warm or cool water, and the pace of life is slow to almost a standstill. This is the ideal place to completely escape, no telephones, no newspapers, and no television - just total peace and quiet. During the day there are many things to do, take a boat to one of the nearby islands or beaches for lunch, walk up through the natural for-est to one of the peaks behind for a picnic. Crystal clear water and unspoiled coral reefs surround Providencia, so you could go snorkelling or scuba diving, and the deep sea fishing outside the reef is very good. If however you prefer, you could simply relax in a hammock and read a book. During the evening there are a few sleepy restaurants and bars to choose from, and Friday and Saturday are the island’s "party nights?, various simple discos or live bands in bars create a friendly party atmos-phere. Providencia is ideal for people who realy do want to escape the "Rat Race? and recharge the batteries. If you want the sophistications of the Caribbean, this is not for you.
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