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Cayo Largo

Cayo Largo is set in the Caribbean south east of Havana - Cuba Cayo Largo is set in the Caribbean about 40 minutes flight south east of Havana. The island has 25kms of fabulous white sandy beaches, clear turquoise sea with lots of coral and fish to see. The flights from Havana and Varadero depart in the early morning and return in the evening, that means that you get the full day on your first and last day to enjoy the beach. Cayo Largo, which is 'L' shaped has only eight hotels with a total of around 900 bedrooms on the island. The airport, which is on the short side of the 'L', is only five minutes drive from the hotels so transfers are easy and quick.


 Sol Club Cayo Largo - CubaSol Club Cayo Largo - inside room The only hotel that we really recommend is the Sol Club Cayo Largo, which offers European quality with a friendly fun Cuban charm. All of Sol Clubs freshly decorated air-conditioned bedrooms, have ensuite bathrooms, satellite television, a fridge, and balconies overlooking the swimming pool, gardens or sea. The hotel has four different restaurants offering different styles of food, and giving you variety during your stay. The hotel has a gym and massage facilities and a medical clinic. The huge central swimming pool offers an alternative to the clear warm Caribbean waters of the beach if you prefer to get away from the beach.

A second Sol Club should be open in Cayo Largo before the end of 2002.

White sandy beach in front of the Sol Club hotel in Cayo Largo - Cuba The white sandy beach in front of the hotel stretches for miles in both directions, the sand is so white that it is cold under your feet even on a scorching hot day. The sea in front of the hotel is normally clear calm and warm, although occasionally when there is a south wind there can be some surf. Snorkelling and scuba diving are fabulous on the island as the sea has hardly been disturbed over the years. One sign of this is that enormous turtles still lay their eggs right in front of the hotels in the soft white sand. Thankfully there is a turtle hatchery next to the marina run by Octavio, a Cuban turtle specialist, who collects the eggs each night and reburies them at the hatchery to protect them from tourists unintentionally damaging the nests. It is well worth visiting the hatchery where they generally have a few specimens of large turtles. At certain times of the year they also have masses of young turtles in tanks which they keep until their shells harden to give them a better chance of survival in the wild when they are released.

Enormous turtles lay their eggs near bay the hotelHorse riding can be arranged near the hotel and is a good way to see the island as you are above the scrub and can see a fair distance.

There are courtesy busses that run in a circuit between the hotels, airport and marina, these tend to run pretty regularly at the beginning, middle and end of the day. Taxis or buses can be ordered at a nominal charge normally about $2 per head wherever you are going on the island.

Cars and scooters can be rented at the hotel, although there are not a lot of roads on the island, so it is rarely worth having one for more than a day to explore.









The Marina on the other side of the island from the hotels offers plenty of facilities:

The Marina on the island offers plenty of facilitiesBoat trips depart each morning offering a choice of fun days out. Within a short distance of Cayo Largo there is Cayo Iguana, an island covered in huge iguana lizards which are very tame and can be fed by hand. A short distance off shore is a long coral reef that has very shallow calm water behind and a deep drop off outside. This is ideal for snorkelling and scuba diving where you will see a large variety of undisturbed sea life. Often the boat trips will include a fresh lobster or seafood lunch on board with local drinks. Tip: If you want white, red or rose wine to accompany your lunch it can be purchased in the marina prior to leaving and chilled in the boats ice box.

Cayo Iguana, an island covered in huge iguana lizards Fishing in Cayo Largo is amongst some of the most exciting and varied that we have come across anywhere in the world.   The fishing in Cayo Largo is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Cuba

Saltwater fly fishing around Cayo Largo - CubaSaltwater fly fishing for bonefish, tarpon, snook, trevally, jack crevelle and many other tropical water fish that can be caught in the saltwater flats and channels around Cayo Largo. Casa Batida a very professionally Italian run fishing lodge, offers 6 flats fishing boats with guides, allowing for up to 12 fishermen each week only. The mangrove flats behind Cayo Largo and the surrounding islands are very unspoiled and Casa Batida deliberately cycles the areas that are fished each day to disturb the water as little as possible. Saltwater fly fishing packages are available from Sunday to Friday, six days fishing, from December to October each year.

Holidays and tourist attractions  in Cuba by Special Places UKOccasionally we take a week and allow people to take three-day blocks, rather than a full week, but this has to be arranged with good notice. Generally speaking, the people that have fished here, have said that Cayo largo is amongst the best fishing they have ever experienced. One of the other major attractions is that it is one of the few places where you can catch such a huge variety, and "grand slams" (One of each type of fish caught in a week) are regularly recorded here.

Sol Club in Cayo Largo - CubaFishing trip in cuban's waterWhen fishing in Cayo Largo there is a choice of accommodation depending on those in your party. This is one of the few places which is "Non-fishing Partner" friendly, meaning that if partners or family wish to come and enjoy a beach holiday while the fishermen get stuck in to the saltwater flats they can. When you are planning a fishing trip with fishermen and non fishing partners or family, then the Sol Club is the ideal choice, comfortable bedrooms, good bar and restaurant services and other facilities to keep non-fishing people happy. For dedicated fishermen there are some new wooden "cabanas" being completed in the marina which will save the ten minute bus / taxi ride back and forth between the marina and Sol Club. The only disadvantage with this is that the catering and bar facilities in the marina are fairly basic and quiet.

Deep sea fishing off Cayo Largo - Cuba Deep sea fishing off Cayo Largo - TunaDeep sea fishing off Cayo Largo is also very good as the seabed drops off to a huge depth on the outside of the coral reef. Here you will regularly catch sailfish, wahoo, dorado (dolphin fish), Spanish mackerel, tuna and many more warm water predatory fish. Renting a deep sea fishing boat in Cayo largo is a lot cheaper than the rest of the Caribbean, usually around $250 - 300 per day depending on which boat and how many hours fishing.


Scuba Diving in Cayo Largo - CubaDeep sea fishing off Cayo Largo - Cuba Scuba Diving in Cayo Largo is extremely popular. There are only two dive shops in Cayo Largo, so it is best to plan your diving ahead to ensure that there is space. Diving can be arranged on an ad hoc basis once you are at the hotel, if you prefer to leave your options open.

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